Earthworks & Underground Piping

Initial site preparation is the first action required after the planning stage. While there are many variables to this work, PME's experience and extensive fleet can execute any task.

  • Take pads
  • Complete roadways
  • Site foundations
  • Site utilities
  • Underground processing lines
  • Ponds
  • Railway construction
  • Reclamation

General Industrial Civil Contractor

PME can provide reliable construction management across and for all projects.  The company can perform a range of work to ready sites for expansion, whether additions include one plant or several facilities.  PME's management personnel can also direct and monitor the vendors and subcontractors that are responsible for other construction stages.

 With a range of systems and processes in place to handle varying project phases, PME delivers client expectations in line with all safety, scheduling and quality requirements.



PME is proud of its ability to fully service customers’ requirements for pipeline construction. The company's capabilities are as follows:

  • Cross Country Mainlines
  • Gathering Systems
  • Urban Pipelines
  • Transmission Lines
  • Slury Pipelines in all mine environments
  • HDD Crossings
  • Open cut river crossings
  • All forms of earth works
  • Environmental cleanups
  • Facility Construction


Concrete Structures & Foundations

Self-performing full concrete services allows PME to create designs to minimize the footprint of plant sites, maximize environmental efficiencies and safely contain materials or contaminants consumed or produced on-site.

PME's concrete containment design and construction include:

  • Sumps
  • Drains & ponds
  • Retaining walls
  • Environmental initiatives
  • Tank rings
  • Foundation work
  • Coffer dams
  • Dyke walls


PME offers integration, installation and testing of electrical and instrumentation systems.  This allows PME to ensure full incorporation of these systems into the final facility.

Instrumentation services we offer include:

  • Industrial & commercial facility construction
  • Power system & distribution grids

Underground utilities:

  • High-voltage switch-gear installation 
  • Instrumentation testing & calibration
  • Facility installation & start-up
  • Tubing & raceway installation 
  • Field support services
  • Commissioning & start-up support
  • Motor & motor controls

Common Services Provider

Large project sites have certain needs that are universal, and some clients assign these services to its contractors through a common services contractor. PME is an expert resource when it comes to providing the equipment that meets these needs, including:

  • Project Management Personnel
  • Supply of Equipment – Dry or Fully Operated and Maintained
  • Fueling Services
  • Crane Pads
  • Temporary Facilities
  • Roadway and Worksite Maintenance
  • Waste Management
  • Onsite Transportation Services
  • Material Handling and Warehousing
  • Maintenance of Construction Facilities
  • Snow Removal or Dust Control
  • Janitorial Services

Specialty Services

PME's employees have wide variety of experience and education, as well as access to a assortment of equipment. As a result, PME can offer whatever services will most benefit our clients and their project requirements. PME employees can be contracted to provide construction management services for an entire project, or to supervise a specific group of tradesmen.

In addition, PME's complete project management system can provide clients with up to-date safety, supervision, quality assurance, and non-conformance disposition records in order to guarantee a high quality project.


Need More Information?

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