Carbon Conscious Construction

The Service C3 was created as a tool for our clients to tackle their Greenhouse Gas emissions associated with construction and site services of their projects and facilities. As industry leaders, we play a vital role in paving the pathway towards reducing your carbon emissions while simultaneously moving towards more sustainable, eco-friendly initiatives living up to industry standards.

  • Provide clients greater transparency and understanding of emissions associated with their projects
  • Provide reduction strategies to reduce and/or offset emissions to achieve a project-specific socio-economic goal

The C3 Service is a tool for our clients to tackle their Scope 3 emissions associated with construction and site services for their projects.


  • Tracking Carbon Emissions in an auditable manner
  • Presentation of data to better understand emission sources
  • Explore ways to reduce emissions
  • Ability to apply reduction and offset strategies


  • Increase carbon consciousness in the execution of project/construction services
  • Drive carbon accountability through the supply chain
  • Drive reductions in carbon intensity of project services and construction activities

Robust Mobility

  • Carbon accounting follows Greenhouse Gas Protocol, a globally recognized standard
  • Customizable to align with client and project-level socio-environmental goals
  • Adaptable to project-specific outcomes ranging from emissions monitoring to Carbon Neutral and Net-Zero